Wednesday,April 22, 2020

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The University of the Philippines-Baguio


“Popularizing Access to Biodiversity Information Data and Conservation Opportunities (PABIDACO)” is a project under the CHED-DARE to Research Grant.

Three HEIs are involved in this project with the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB) as the Lead Proponent. The project is lodged in the Biodiversity and Resources Management Program of the Cordillera Studies Center (CSC) whose main function is to strengthen the niche of UP Baguio in terms of the key components that deal with biodiversity and resource management issues in the Northern Philippines.

This project involves two other premier universities in the Northern Luzon; namely, Saint Louis University (SLU) and Benguet State University (BSU), as partners to further build ties among the universities in Northern Luzon in order to facilitate the conduct and implementation of the project.

Members of the team are representatives from the School of Natural Sciences of SLU, College of Forestry from BSU, and three Colleges of UPB (Science, Social Sciences and Arts and Communication). Supporting the members is the administrative staff of Cordillera Studies Center (CSC), UPB.

PABIDACO Youtube Informational Video