Thursday,January 31, 2019


The Philippine Clearing House Mechanism ( is the official website of the Philippine Clearing House Mechanism Network that provides relevant information and current status of Philippine biodiversity including relevant policies, programs and strategies undertaken towards its conservation and protection . This is part of the country’s commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) which created the Clearing House Mechanism(CHM) pursuant to article 18.3 of the convention. This website aims to contribute significantly to the implementation of the CBD by promoting and facilitating technical and scientific cooperation among Parties, other Government and stakeholders. It is established to facilitate the sharing of data and information on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity between and among the various stakeholders of the country.


The website hopes to provides biodiversity-related information to guide policy makers and interested stakeholders to meet obligations under the convention and for conservation and sustainable use of the country’s biodiversity.


Philippine Clearing House Mechanism aims to: