Wednesday,February 6, 2019

Other Effective Areas-based Conservation Measures (OECM)

As referenced in Aichi Biodiversity Target 11, OECM is defined as “a geographically defined space, not recognized as a protected area, which is governed and managed over the long-term in ways that deliver the effective and enduring in-situ conservation of biodiversity, with associated ecosystem services and cultural and spiritual values“.

OECM was added to the targets in recognition of the fact that some areas not currently recognized and reported as protected areas also contribute to the effective and sustained in-situ conservation of biodiversity. OECMs are expected to achieve biodiversity conservation across broader ecosystems, habitats and species communities as opposed to focusing only on a single species, habitat, or group of species.

Philippines as a signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) have several initiatives committed to conserve its terrestrial and inland water areas not just by declaration of protected areas(PAs) but also for other effective area-based conservation measures” (OECMs). 

The following may be categorized as OECM for their contribution to improved management and restoration of areas that could usefully contribute to long-term in situ conservation of biodiversity.

**********Sources and Further Reading**********

Guidelines for recognizing and reporting other effective area-based conservation measures.