Monday,April 6, 2020

Protect Wildlife (Philippines)

Protect Wildlife is a five-year project to support the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ biodiversity conservation efforts by cutting illegal wildlife trade in the Philippines.


Project Sites

The project launched last March 2017 will be piloted in Palawan,  including the Tubbataha reef and the Mt. Mantalingajan range, and the Sulu archipelago, including Zamboanga and Tawi-Tawi.

The exposure of these provinces to various human-induced threats such as poaching and trafficking of wildlife due to weak law enforcement and accessibility as transport route, destructive fishing practices, and loss of habitats from widespread conversion of forests, wetlands, and mangroves to settlements and agricultural lands were the primary reasons for the selection of the project sites.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided P1.2-billion fund for the multi-pronged program working to conserve biodiversity, protection of wildlife, and sustaining ecosystem services to improve the livelihoods and long-term well-being of the Filipino people.

Conservation International Philippines is the implementing partner of the project which works in close consultation with the DENR-thru the Biodiversity Management Bureau and local community members to inform regional development plans and national policies through scientific research, while promoting community-based conservation stewardship


Project Implementation Plan

  • Improving attitudes, awareness and livelihoods
  • Strategizing and strengthening law enforcement
  • Innovating research

Protect Wildlife support to the World Wildlife Day 2020 Celebration


Project Outputs

Wildlife Agency and Citizen Law Enforcement Reporting Tool or WildALERT

WildALERT is an Online System aimed to help wildlife law enforcement officers prevent and minimize illegal wildlife trade in the Philippines using mobile phones. The system is composed of a mobile application used to report wildlife crime and a website that receives the report and endorses to the appropriate law enforcement office nearest to the location as automatically determined by the system.

The initial intended users of the system are law enforcement officers, but future versions will allow public to use it since it also have educational purpose specifically in species identification through citizen science.

WildAlert was developed thru the

WildAlert App, launched during the World Wildlife Day on March 3, 2020 was a pioneering technology developed under the USAID’s flagship Wildlife Protect Project.

Wildlife Rescue Center Inventory Database (WildBase)

An online database for Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC) to collect and store the inventory, health status and disposition records of wildlife under the care of BMB and DENR  WRCs.

Project Reports

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