Friday,July 21, 2023

Soft-Furred Hedgehog Podogymnura

These two new species of soft-furred hedgehogs, known as gymnures were discovered by researchers in the mountains of Eastern Mindanao this 2023. The new species were recognized based on a combination of mitochondrial genetic, qualitative, and quantitative morphological data, showed the research article, “A re-assessment of diversity among Philippine gymnures (Mammalia: Erinaceidae: Podogymnura) with a new species from Eastern Mindanao.”


(Photo from DENR-Davao Facebook page)


Podogymnura, a Philippine endemic genus of gymnures (soft-furred hedgehogs), was previously known only from the highlands of Central Mindanao (P. truei truei and P. t. minima) and from the two small islands off the northeast tip of Mindanao (P. aureospinula). Four of its species are endemic to the Philippines. Podogymnura intermedia was found in Mount Hamiguitan, Davao Oriental, and Mount Pantukan town, Davao de Oro, while P. minima was discovered in Mount Kitanglad, Bukidnon.

The new species were discovered by Danilo S. Balete, Lawrence R. Heaney, Eric A. Rickart, Roselyn S. Quidlar, Dakota M. Rowsey, and Link E. Olson. more