Linear Park set to rise in Quezon City

A portion of a bustling street in Quezon city is set to be the site for the development of a new linear park. Recognizing the importance and benefit of urban biodiversity, the Biodiversity Management Bureau of the DENR partnered with a private institution for the development of a linear park along Madison Street in Barangay Mariana, Quezon City. The project also got the the support of the Quezon City Local Government unit who provided the design of the linear park thru its Parks Development And Administration Department.


Once completed, the project will provide a short strip of public land landscaped with native trees and flowering plants suitable for the area. Set to be planted are Katmon, Banaba, Dapdap and other native tree species while Yellow Schefflera, Guamvillea, Lantana and other native flowering plants.


Planned to be installed with additional facilities for active recreation, the linear park is expected to provide an urban space for recreational activities like walking, cycling, public events, fitness, play facilities and picnic area that will contributing to the residents and non-residents interest in physical fitness.


Public bidding for the developer has just been concluded and development work with landscaping is expected to start on January 2023. Once completed, the project can be added to the growing number of linear parks found in Metro Manila that includes those found in Pasig City, Mandaluyong City and Taguig City.

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