Friday,January 26, 2024

Garden Songbird (cinnyris jugularis)

The Garden Sunbird (cinnyris jugularis) locally known as Tamsi and formerly recognized as the Olive-backed Sunbird has recently undergone taxonomic revision resulting in the recognition of eight distinct species. This include the Ornate Sunbird Cinnyris ornatus), Tukangbesi Sunbird (Cinnyris infrenatus), Sahul Sunbird (cinnyris frenatus), South Moluccan Sunbird (cinnyris clementiae), Flores Sea Sunbird (cinnyris teysmanni),Mamberamo Sunbird(Cinnyris idenburgi), and two (2) newly classified Philippine endemics: Palawan Sunbird (Cinnyris aurora), exclusive to Palawan and Garden Sunbird (Cinnyris jugularis).



Garden Sunbirds are characterized as small songbirds, measuring between 10 and 11.4 cm with males weighing 6.7 to 11.9g and females ranging from 6 to 10g.Like most endemic avian species, they are a ke indicator of ecological health, these avian species contribute to the nation’s rich heritage. Faced with various threats, such as deforestation and habitat loss, concerted efforts are imperative to safeguard their habitats nationwide.