Tuesday,October 12, 2021

Featured Cave of the Month

Tabon Cave  is one of the more than thirty caves located at the Lipuun Point in the municipality of Quezon, Palawan. The cave faces the South China Sea and is located on the western face of the limestone cliff. The cave was named Tabon after the large-footed bird that lays eggs in huge holes it digs into cave floors, many of which have been found in the cave. The mouth of the cave is about 33 meters above the sea level.

It was in this cave that the earliest evidence of man in the Philippines, which is also the earliest appearance of modern man – Homo sapiens was discovered by a National Museum team headed by the late Dr. Robert B. Fox. The discovery of these human fossil composed of the skull cap, or the frontal skull bone, two fragments of jaw bones and some teeth suggested that there are at least three individuals in the cave later called the Tabon Man of Palawan. The skull cap is that of a young individual, probably female.